Hey there! I am a freelancer on the field of data science, machine learning engineering and data engineering solutions and consultancy. Feel free to contact me for consulting or training! I am also the founder of uniframe.io, a String-Matching-as-a-Service product.

Latest Professional Experiences

  • 2021.01 – present, Founder, uniframe.io
  • 2020.11 – present, Machine Learning Engineer, Nike
  • 2018.10 – 2020.10, Data Science and Data Engineering Consultant, Amazon Web Services
  • 2015.11 – 2018.09, Senior Data Scientist, ING Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics Team

Open Source Contributions

  • Fast way to get top n results from sparse matrix multiplication, co-author (link), 2000 daily download, 160 stars
  • Factorization Machine on Spark, co-author (link), 210 stars
  • Industry Code Embedding, co-author (link)
  • Time Series Forecasting in PyTorch, author (link)
  • Amazon SageMaker Examples, contributor (link)


  • Boosting the Selection of the Most Similar Entities in Large Scale Datasets (link)
  • Industry2vec: A Novel Approach to Get Industry Code Embedding (link)
  • Accurately Labeling Subjective Question-Answer Content Using BERT (link)
  • Some AWS SageMaker related blogs: (link), (link)

Talks (selected)

  • Machine Learning Industrialization, AWS User Group the Netherlands, Nov 2019 (link)
  • ML Ops and ML Industrialization, GoDataFest 2019, Amsterdam, Oct 2019 (link)
  • Peer Detection in Massive Payment Transaction Network, Open Data Science Conference, London, August 2018 (link)
  • Large Scale Fuzzy Name Matching with a Custom ML Pipeline in Batch and Streaming, Spark+AI Summit 2018, San Francisco, June 2018 (link)